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Positive Therapy

(Positive Psychology & CBT)

What is Positive Therapy?

Positive Therapy is the integration of positive psychology and therapeutic approaches including CBT, mindfulness, life coaching and counselling. The sessions focus on understanding and relieving your emotional concerns as well as the understanding and enhancement of the positive side of your experience.

What can you expect from positive therapy?

You will understand more about yourself; how your thoughts, feelings and behaviours affect one another and how to channel them into a resourceful pattern. This will support you to feel, acquire and create:


  • Optimistic perspective

  • Pleasant feelings

  • Calming mind

  • Confidence

  • Self-esteem

  • Motivation

  • Mental resilence

  • Healthy relationship

  • Contentment

What can you expect in a Positive Therapy session?

As each person is unique, all sessions with me are individualised to suit you best, to support you according to your personality, background and improvement goals.


The therapy is a  one-to-one session tailored to your situation, needs, preferences and goals in a warm and confidential setting. In our sessions, we will review your circumstance,  what position you are in your life, and what changes and additions you need to obtain and enhance your contentment, fulfilment and happiness. 


There are many aspects in life that can affect your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and happiness. Also, your thoughts, feelings and behaviours always affect one another, either negatively or positively. We will look into your specific circumstances and work together to help you change your unsupportive thought patterns, utilise your strengths and enhance your positive thoughts and feelings. This will support you to overcome your struggles; bring you the changes in life that you want and the long-lasting contentment.

Positive Therapy sessions can be either online or face-to-face at Riverside Group Clinic Aberdeen. Just get in touch for a booking or click here to book a face-to-face session.

Fee: Initial consultation  £80 (60 minutes)

        Follow-up session   £70 (55 minutes)